After 20 years of constant back pain, and many treatments that never lasted; I am so grateful to the gifted therapists at Genesis PT. My back is now improving and I have had many days that I have forgotten I have a back problem because there has been NO PAIN! Genesis PT has given me a better quality of life."

—Barbara G.

With just twice weekly sessions of Pilates, I've completely transformed the way I look; arms, abs, thighs…even my posture is better. At Genesis PT, they tailored my Pilates sessions to fit me perfectly. After 50, I never expected to feel so great about my body; it is simply amazing! As an Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner, I'm well aware of the important benefit of keeping my bones strong to protect against osteoporosis. But to be honest, It's fitting into a smaller size than I wore 10 years ago that really makes me smile."

—Joyce A.

Thanks to Genesis Physical Therapy I have been able to return to the things I enjoy doing in my life. It never ceases to amaze me how talented and well trained they are. I have had multiple problems and just knowing that in going to Genesis PT I will be cared for, my mind is at ease. This constant ability to diagnose and treat my issues are invaluable to me. I will forever be a client of Genesis PT and are so grateful to them. Thank you Pilar for creating such an environment of healing and treatment for everyone. You and your staff are a credit and great asset to the medical community."

—Tammy A.

Over the course of a 6 month period I underwent 2 surgical procedures to replace a herniated disk in my lower back. After the 2nd surgery, I was scarcely able to walk and was remanded to a cane for the first 3 months in order to get around the house or neighborhood; which was the extent of my capabilities. The talented and knowledgeable staff at Genesis PT was with me all the way. Now at the age of 40, nine months after surgery, I am walking 5 miles a day and have lost 40 lbs. My core strength has dramatically improved and I feel as fit as if I were still in my 20's. Thank you Genesis PT, I could have never done it without you!"

—James H.


My patients have asked to be referred to Genesis Physical Therapy by name because of their past experiences with them. They enjoyed not just one, but all of the therapists. They were helped in various ways and each therapy was individualized to meet their needs in their road to successful recovery.  I would strongly recommend Genesis PT."

—Curtis Kodama, DO

Moorpark Comprehensive Medical Group

When my patients need physical therapy the first thing that comes to mind is Genesis Physical Therapy. Not only are they the most knowledgeable, well-trained therapist around, they run a state-of-the-art facility with modern rehabilitative equipment and modalities. Whether it's an acute injury or a patient who needs gait training for balance problems Genesis is the best place around!"

—Timothy Kneebone, DPM


I refer my patients to Genesis PT, not only because I know they'll get quality professional services, but because these patients come back telling me about the caring and personal attention that they received."

—Alberto Odio, M.D.

Alta California Medical Group

Everybody at Genesis PT is very friendly and professional. Plus, they fixed my back problems in a few short visits."

—Dominic Muzsnai, M.D.

Alta California Medical Group